Our Approach

Our business model was developed through extensive meetings, interviews, and primary research with pension and labour lawyers. We have designed our firm and its compliance model to ensure we address the key factors that affect our clients in performing their fiduciary responsibilities.

Regulatory compliance

  • Identify potential problems before they become a fiduciary risk for pension administrators and sponsors.
  • Ensure your pension plans complywith all regulations, including CAPSA guidelines.

Member communications

  • Provide clarity to members so they can make informed decisions and realize full value from their plans.
  • Conduct ongoing employee education seminars and create a documented history of all communications made to members about their pension plan – including the physical and electronic files that confirm the company’s ongoing commitment to proper and full disclosure, plan quality, and meaningful education.

Investment policy suitability

  • Ensure that portfolio design is appropriate and supportable for your plan demographics.
  • Utilize our exclusive access to guaranteed and principal-protected investment vehicles to construct superior model portfolios.

Professional expertise

  • We work with an extensive network of industry professionals, including lawyers, actuaries, custodians, and asset managers to meet our clients’ unique needs.
  • Our Principals are actively involved with clients on a daily basis.

Canadian pension regulators have announced their intention to audit all registered pension plans over the next few years.

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